"The Latinos here have a place," said Gladys Vega. The executive director of the Chelsea Collaborative started as a receptionist 28 years ago and became the second staff member.

Ashlyn and Judy met through the Big Sister program and now feel like family to each other.

Little sister Ashlyn Medina (left) next to Big sister Judy Dombrowski (right).

Project Role Model featured young girls and their mentors walking down an illuminated runway with cameras capturing their confidence, friendship and unique bond.

A student group is working to protect undocumented students in the wake of the Trump administration’s efforts to increase deportations.

The money will be used to provide services, which are often overlooked by other charities, to refugee children .

Many at the rally expressed their concerns that the Trump administration is ignoring, or in some cases attacking, scientific knowledge.

The walk along the Charles River was 2.5 miles, the estimated distance women and children have to walk to get clean water in developing nations.

The free program not only teaches English, but also provides students with knowledge about community, health, finances and the workplace environment.

More than 1,500 people participated in the yearly event.

Multicultural choir traveled on a "peace train" mission throughout South Africa spreading messages of unity.


Some 11 out of 15,131 restaurants in the state have declared themselves to be sanctuary restaurants, promising to protect undocumented  workers.